ARMI host invite-only workshop to help entrepreneurs maintain focus to achieve their goals

ARMI host invite-only workshop to help entrepreneurs maintain focus to achieve their goals

11th January 2018

North Little Rock’s number one marketing agency, ARMI argues that without focus, productivity will suffer and progress towards goals will be affected, and therefore this past week the firm hosted an invite-only workshop to help entrepreneurs focus on their goals.

CEO at ARMI, Reagan Myers organized a workshop this past week, with the objective to help entrepreneurs maintain focus and achieve their goals.


Remember the bigger picture

Even when someone is following their passion, there are often tasks that will be mundane, and that is when focus can be lost. My Myers urged entrepreneurs to recognize when this is happening and remember the bigger picture and that those little and seemingly meaningless tasks are contributing the end goal. “Success consists of lots of little steps, and none of those steps can be skipped. I love being a business owner. There are aspects of my job that aren’t hugely exciting to do; however, they are necessary actions to run my business,” commented Mr Myers.

Develop a daily routine

During the workshop, ARMI CEO Mr Myers highlighted the importance of developing a routine. “Success is the result of small habits repeated daily, and once something becomes a habit, it’s incredibly difficult to get out of,” commented Mr Myers. Mr Myers urged entrepreneurs to adopt a daily routine, as that will be an influential factor in determining their focus level. The award-winning entrepreneur spoke about the consistency routine brings and how a routine can help someone progress toward their goals.

Always plan what’s important first

Mr Myers argues that entrepreneurs need to determine the importance of their tasks and tackle the most challenging ones first. The ARMI CEO explains that the big tasks are most important and they will yield the best results that contribute to the progression of goals.

Learn the power of no

For people to maintain total focus, it’s essential to learn the power of no argues Mr Myers. “People need to develop the discipline to say no to allow them to focus on what they need to get done.” The award-winning entrepreneur argues that people can often become distracted by unimportant tasks or sidetracked by trying to help others and that to maintain focus and achieve goals it requires the discipline of saying no.


ARMI Inc. is an advocate of entrepreneurship and often hosts educational workshops and seminars to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach their full potential.



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