ARMI Inc. Announce Another Major Breakthrough

ARMI Inc. Announce Another Major Breakthrough

5th January 2017

Sales and marketing firm ARMI Inc. recently revealed they would be ending 2016 on a high after reaching another breakthrough regarding company growth.

ARMI, Inc. is a sales and marketing agency based in North Little Rock. The firm specializes in creating, implementing and managing personalized marketing campaigns which are rolled out directly to consumers in person. ARMI, Inc. is confident that this unique approach to marketing and sales allows them to establish long lasting, meaningful connections with consumers on their clients’ behalf, which leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

In 2016, ARMI Inc. hit some significant industry achievements and significantly grew their reach across the USA. As well as taking their services to Memphis, Tennessee, the firm also opened a second office in West Palm Beach, Florida. This expansion has led to the company gaining massive exposure across America and build on their reputation as one of the country’s most exciting providers of sales and marketing solutions.

To add to this success, ARMI Inc. was able to bring 2016 to close with the achievement of another significant milestone and has exclusively revealed that they have been able to help four of their contractors reach momentous professional progression over the last four months of 2016. The latest contractor to achieve their professional goals started with ARMI Inc. while studying part time, however, due to her success and rapid self-development she was given the opportunity to join the firm on a full-time basis and as a result, has gained major momentum within the industry.

ARMI Inc. is thrilled with the progress of its contractors, and have been honoured to play a role in supporting each and every one of them reach an unprecedented level of success. The firm believes that while working in sales and marketing, especially in a consumer-facing role can be incredibly hard work, and requires ambition, determination and a willingness to learn. However, the firm is keen to address that with the right attitude this commitment can and will pay off and a career in the industry is hugely rewarding and help lay the foundations for a brighter and more prosperous future.

The recent success of its contractors also brings significant benefits to the firm and has allowed them to bring together a community of like-minded and ambitious people in preparation for a successful 2017. The company is adamant that with such a talented workforce by their side, 2017 will be a great year for launching even more campaigns across the U.S – paving the way for even more expansion and the potential to take over the American market.

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