ARMI Inc. CEO reveals all in sit-down interview

ARMI Inc. CEO reveals all in sit-down interview

23rd November 2017

This past week, CEO at North Little Rock’s number one marketing agency, Reagan Myers, sat down for a tell-all interview, revealing his evolution as a business owner and his motivations.

2017 has been a momentous year for ARMI Inc., seeing the direct marketing and sales specialists expand its market reach and add to its client portfolio. Award-winning entrepreneur and CEO, Reagan Myers took time out of his busy schedule to reveal the inside scoop.

What did you do before starting ARMI Inc.?

Before starting in the direct sales industry, I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas where I earned a degree in sociology with a minor in history. After graduation, I began a 10-year career in the US Army. I held many positions while in the infantry; my most enjoyable was a platoon leader and I feel that role gave me the tools to be a business owner.

What peaked your interest in this industry?

Initially, it was purely necessity. I lost my job in the military due to budget cuts, and therefore, I took a job in direct sales believing it would be a stopgap until something “better” came along. The thing that ultimately won me over was the power to control my career. Eventually, I fell in love with this business and having the chance to provide the same opportunity I was afforded to others.

What changes have you made to grow your company?

The most overwhelming change I had to make was to do with my lifestyle. One of my favorite quotes comes from the novel “The Power of Now”. It says, “The greatest example you can give anyone is your life working.” Ultimately the people I lead must have an interest in living a life like mine. It’s fantastic to have a career in which my responsibility is to live the life I choose. I think most people want to be healthy, happy and to live well and that is something I display every day.

What motivates you to work hard every day? 

I don’t work hard; I work smart. I move from activity to activity and do my best in every situation. The things I don’t want to do, I outsource to someone that enjoys those tasks and is an expert. I am motivated every day by my wife and baby. Another of my favorite quotes is “my money is a source of good for myself and others.” What motivates me is making myself and others happy through my work. I love to travel, and my work affords me that opportunity. Like most people, I also enjoy material things that make myself and others happy. However, the one thing that motivates me more than anything else is being able to provide the opportunity for other people to achieve their goals and create the life they crave.

How do you keep your employees motivated?

By helping them as much as I can to achieve their goals. When you get to the root of most people’s desires, they aren’t nearly as complex. I attempt to show them the path of least resistance to make their goals and aspirations more attainable. I am also extremely hands-on and offer ongoing advice and guidance.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

How small our concerns are. It seems very silly to stress and lose sleep when it just isn’t necessary. My purpose is to do my best for myself and others. Only good can ultimately come from that.

ARMI Inc is a direct marketing agency based in North Little Rock, USA. The outsourcing firm is a young company with a wealth of experience through its dynamic workforce that is paving the way for the industry. CEO Reagan Myers is committed to the growth of his firm and offering his young professionals the chance to learn, grow and develop.

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