ARMI, Inc. Confirm Memphis Expansion

ARMI, Inc. Confirm Memphis Expansion

23rd August 2016


After months of speculation concerning the firm’s next move, ARMI, Inc. a leading marketing agency has confirmed that it will be expanding to Memphis, TN in the coming weeks.

North Little Rock’s number one outsourced marketing agency announced recently that due to its recent extreme growth, it is preparing to expand to Memphis, Tennessee. Since opening, ARMI, Inc. has played a major role in helping brands take a competitive hold on the regional market and through direct marketing solutions, form better connections with customers. The firm believes that in the modern world too many brands are relying on online technologies to sustain customer relationships. Whilst online and digital technologies may offer quick and easy customer service solutions, a growing number of customers are reporting that they often feel distanced from brands when they are unable to speak with a representative directly. As such, relationships break down and customers are far more likely to be swayed to go to a competing business.

By focusing its marketing approach on building stronger brand and consumer relationships, ARMI, Inc.’s marketing campaigns are only ever implemented in person. The firm run pop up events and presentations – engaging with customers one-on-one, which allows them to gain a better understanding of their needs and personalize the customer experience. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased loyalty for the brands they represent.

With the demand for the agency’s services continuing to increase, ARMI, Inc. has been discussing the potential for expansion across the USA for the last few months. However, only recently the firm revealed that they will be taking its services to Memphis, TN. In preparation for this expansion, ARMI, Inc. has been growing its workforce and supporting its sales representatives in their professional development. For the expansion to be a success, this is an essential process as the firm is keen to have as many bright and capable people as possible to take on the responsibility of opening up a new office. With a vast majority of its workforce already interested in pursuing business leadership, the firm is confident that the move will provide them all with opportunities to step up and enhance their leadership skills.

ARMI, Inc. is set to open in Memphis, TN on September 1 2016 and has already found the ideal office space at 516 Tennessee Street in the Emerge Memphis building. The space offers scope for future growth and as a side bonus has a stunning roof top patio with an amazing view of downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River.

ARMI, Inc. is hugely excited to be expanding to Memphis and believes the city to be a great location for new businesses. In 2014, the city was ranked within the top 10 places to start a business by finance counselling website NerdWallet. The city also has the lowest cost-of-living index and establishments such as The Emerge Memphis Building where ARMI, Inc.’s new office will be based offers a great space for new business owners to come together, network and share skills.



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