ARMI Inc. investigate the link between a happy workforce and happy customers

ARMI Inc. investigate the link between a happy workforce and happy customers

1st August 2017

Sales and marketing specialists consider theories from on the correlation between happy customers and a happy workforce.

Arkansas-based outsourced sales and marketing experts, ARMI Inc., recognize that happiness and success go hand in hand.  The firm invests a great deal into cultivating a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment and they have investigated a recent article on the link between a happy workforce and happy customers.  Within the article, they emphasize a company’s ability to transfer the employee enthusiasm directly across to the consumer demonstrating a significant boost in customer experience.

As more and more companies start to understand the importance of a happy and healthy workforce, it is not surprising that more and more firms are emphasizing improving the well-being of their staff.  Fitness company Sweaty Bettys purpose is to empower women through fitness and well-being, and they are committed to ensuring their workforce have as many opportunities to enhance their overall well-being by offering free workouts, team fitness events and sponsoring people to learn new health and fitness skills.  Louise Hudson, the UK senior marketing manager, revealed in a recent interview “We also host seminars on site on topics such as the importance of sleep, financial health, advice for parents, and mindfulness – we know wellbeing is not just about being physically fit, but mentally fit too.”

Google is a renowned employer for their commitment to employee well-being.  Determined to create and maintain an elite workforce the firm offers unique perks including benefits that go above and beyond the minimum standard, including family allowances including first class parental leave, pension deposits, financial fitness support and free nutritious meals to keep energy levels and fitness at their peak.

ARMI Inc. is one of North Little Rock’s most exciting and ambitious sales and direct marketing firms. The company is firmly committed to revolutionizing the sales and marketing industry by providing innovative marketing solutions that will help their clients increase their customer acquisitions. Through face-to-face communications with consumers, ARMI Inc. has been able to build long-lasting relationships and improve the brand awareness of their customers.

ARMI Inc. cultivates a happy workforce by creating a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment and by having a recognition and reward culture that supports personal and professional progression simultaneously.  Regular appraisals allow the firm to gather feedback on their effectiveness of processes, ensuring that maximum efficiency s achieved.


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