ARMI put pressure on entrepreneurs to travel to progress business development

ARMI put pressure on entrepreneurs to travel to progress business development

29th January 2018

North Little Rock’s number one marketing agency, ARMI, took to the road this past week to shadow and network with fellow professionals, with an emphasis on building relationships to progress business development.

The direct marketing and sales specialists travelled to Dallas and Houston this past week, with CEO Reagan Myers selecting a handpicked group of the firm’s most promising employees to accompany him. The award-winning entrepreneur recognizes that travel plays a vital role in business development. During the trip, ARMI Inc. spent time with the number one marketing agency in Dallas, getting to see first hand how they work and getting new ideas to implement. While in Houston, the firm had the opportunity to network with two of the most successful and influential sales and marketing professionals in the US.

ARMI believe that traveling can help budding entrepreneurs develop their skills and expand their knowledge. Mr Myers has revealed three vital elements that travel provides entrepreneurs.


ARMI believe that entrepreneurs can use traveling as a networking tool, allowing them to build relationships with people all over the country. Traveling is also great for exposure to new types of people, and forcing people out of their comfort zone, speaking to people they wouldn’t usually interact with.

Learning new skills

During ARMI Inc.’s travels, they had the opportunity to see how fellow professionals work and learn new strategies and techniques to implement. “It’s always fascinating to see how other people work and learn new skills,” commented Mr Myers.

Improved communication

ARMI believe that to be successful in business; aspiring entrepreneurs need to master the art of communication. When traveling, people experience language barriers and cultural differences. Learning how to find creative ways to get around them will help shape how entrepreneurs communicate and network with peers.

Mr Myers is putting pressure on entrepreneurs to travel to progress their business development and accelerate their career.

ARMI was formed in 2013 in response to a demand from large companies for a more efficient, personal, and results-driven approach to acquiring new customers. The company’s unique and innovative approach to marketing its clients’ products and services has afforded the firm explosive growth within a highly competitive industry.  ARMI Inc. is an advocate of entrepreneurship and frequently runs business trips to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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