ARMI tackle the contentious subject of work-life balance for entrepreneurs

ARMI tackle the contentious subject of work-life balance for entrepreneurs

1st March 2018

Work-life balance is imperative in every industry – and entrepreneurs are no different, argues ARMI. With entrepreneurs toiling over and above the average working hours, ARMI are tackling the subject of work-life balance for entrepreneurs. 

Direct marketing specialists ARMI believe that achieving the right work-life balance is imperative for every business professional. In the U.S., workers receive about 15 days off a year, with only about 73% of allotted vacation time being taken, according to a 2015 survey from A lack of work-life balance can be particularly disheartening for entrepreneurs, many of whom have chosen self-employment to try and achieve a better life for themselves and to be in control of their time. ARMI believes that implementing a few small changes can help every entrepreneur gain a healthier work-life balance.


These small changes include:


  1. Have a nutritious and healthy diet – this will ensure that an entrepreneur has enough energy to get everything done, plus eating the right types of food will also help with mood and motivation levels


  1. Keep moving around – more and more evidence is showing that sitting down is harmful for a person’s health. Productivity levels will be improved by getting up and moving around for a few minutes every hour or so


  1. Take breaks to restore mental energy levels – the brain naturally needs a break every 90-120 minutes to function at its maximum capacity. Mini-breaks throughout the day to keep the brain working at its best


  1. Have a good posture – a bad posture will cause aches and tension throughout the body, which will hurt productivity levels and concentration


  1. Take 30 minutes out of every day – a positive habit to start is to take a whole 30 minutes dedicate to personal time out of each working day. This time will help manage stress levels better and help an entrepreneur to refocus and revitalize.


  1. Maintain a positive attitude – keep focusing on what can be controlled and don’t get over-stressed about uncontrollables.






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