Reagan Myers of ARMI Inc. reveals why veterans make great entrepreneurs.

Reagan Myers of ARMI Inc. reveals why veterans make great entrepreneurs.

30th November 2017

As a former serving soldier with ten years service, Reagan Myers, CEO at Houston’s number one marketing agency, ARMI Inc., believes that veterans make great entrepreneurs and the award-winning entrepreneur has revealed his reasons why.

Speaking during a sit-down interview earlier this month, Mr Myers revealed that before working in the direct sales and marketing field, he enjoyed a ten-year career in the US Army. During that time he held many positions; his most enjoyable was a platoon leader. He revealed that it was his role as a platoon leader that provided many of the skills and tools to become a business owner.

Here, the business owner has shared his reasons why veterans make great entrepreneurs.

Team building

A team is only as strong as its weakest member claims Mr Myers. The ARMI Inc CEO argues that teamwork is instilled in every facet of  Army training and those skills and attributes he learned as a serving soldier, set him up for future success. “Success is rarely a solo effort, knowing how to work together and pursue a common goal is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful, and that is something we try and instil into our workforce,” commented Mr Myers.


One of ARMI Inc’s favorite quotes is; “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Planning is integral in any pursuit and by failing to plan you are setting yourself up for failure argues Mr Myers. It is critical to plan in business, to ensure that things run smoothly and the best results are achieved. Planning is one of the fundamentals of Army training. “During my ten-year Army career, we planned contingencies for every possible scenario to make sure that we knew how to react when things went wrong, which they naturally will, and in business that has served me well,” said Mr Myers.


Good leaders are crucial to success in the military and business claims Mr Myers. “I firmly believe that every successful business is built on solid leadership foundations and that is something that I look for when it comes to talent acquisition. “Leadership development is one of the key stages of our management training program,” commented Mr Myers. A leaders job is to motivate and inspire a team to work towards a common goal and to enable people to play to their strengths. “Great leaders lead by example and take accountability, and during my time as a platoon leader, I was able to hone those skills, and they are skills I have transferred into my work as a CEO,” commented Mr Myers.

ARMI Inc. is continuously on the lookout for the next generation of talent, and it is urging veterans to pursue entrepreneurship.


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