Reagan Myers of ARMI travels to Belize for Exclusive R&R Getaway

Reagan Myers of ARMI travels to Belize for Exclusive R&R Getaway

1st March 2018

CEO at ARMI Inc., Reagan Myers attended an exclusive industry R&R Getaway to Belize, and the award-winning entrepreneur is feeling rejuvenated and excited for a massive end to Q1.

Mr. Myers was among business owners from Arkansas, Columbus, Houston and New York who all qualified to attend the exclusive event. Criteria for attendance was $20000 turnover for four weeks back to back, and Mr. Myers was ecstatic to qualify.

Held over February 10th to 15th, the R&R Getaway was organized to bring together top performing business owners within the direct sales and marketing industry, to allow them some much-needed relaxation and recuperation, as well as the opportunity to socialize and network with fellow professionals.

With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a small country packed with adventure and culture. Attendees stayed at the remote El Secreto boutique hotel. Located in Ambergris Caye, visitors had the chance to experience luxury in their secluded piece of paradise, surrounded by stunning crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and unique tropical landscapes.

With an average yearly temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit, Belize is always warm. There’s plenty for visitors to do including, scuba diving, zip-lining or crawling through ancient caves.

CEO at ARMI Inc., Mr. Myers, shared the three principal advantages of R&R Getaways.

  1. Rest and recuperation

First and foremost, R&R getaways provide rest and recovery. Taking time out from the daily stresses of business helps to restore both mind and body. Mr. Myers contends that the new experiences someone encounters while traveling takes their mind away from the daily grind and allows them valuable time to concentrate on embracing new sights and sounds. The business owner believes that travel allows someone to return to work feeling rested and rejuvenated with fresh motivation.

  1. More time to think

Many entrepreneurs put in 60+ hours per week. Mr. Myers argues that it can be hard to switch off and having the opportunity to travel and take time away is necessary to foster new ideas. The business owner also contends that timeout can be helpful to see things from a different perspective and thereby, enables people to start thinking of new ideas and strategies.

  1. Meeting new people

During the R&R getaway in Belize, Mr. Myers had the opportunity to socialize with like-minded professionals. During that time he had the chance to forge new relationships and expand his portfolio of contacts. The ARMI Inc. CEO believes that a diverse and robust network is imperative for business success

Speaking after his return, Mr. Myers commented, “It was really relaxing to take that time out, and I feel very rejuvenated and excited to work hard and implement new strategies for a huge end to Q1.”



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